Inhale the Moments: Living Your Best Life On Vape

Life On Vape are a hot new thing that people use to get nicotine into their bodies. They come in fun flavors and are heavily advertised to adolescents.

Unfortunately, these products are not healthy. They can damage parts of the brain that control memory, emotion and thinking. They can also cause popcorn lungs.

Battery Issues

Vaping has become an extremely popular alternative to smoking, offering health benefits that go far beyond just a healthier way of breathing. However, vaping devices are still prone to a number of issues, especially those that affect their batteries.

One of the most obvious signs that your battery is wearing out is when it drains more quickly than before. This means it is time to replace your battery, or at least get a new one.

Another sign is when you start experiencing fewer hits. A weak battery can’t heat up the coils properly, leading to a decrease in power output.

Wear and tear on the wrapping can also happen, with the wraps cracking and peeling away from the positive pin and edges. This can be very dangerous, so always inspect your battery wrapping frequently and look after it well to avoid any risks.

Keeping Your Vape Clean

Keeping your vape clean is essential for the best experience. It prevents multiple device issues, like clogging and degraded battery performance, as well as gives you a more pleasant taste.

Coil gunk is a build-up of residue on the coil that stops it from working properly, giving you a burnt tasting hit. It also reduces the lifespan of your coil. To avoid it, try to use a mild e-liquid with no added sweetener and always keep your tank filled.

Taking apart your vaporizer and cleaning its parts requires careful attention to detail and knowledge of how to do it without damaging it. Most small pieces can be soaked in plain water, or in water with a little bit of soap or diluted rubbing alcohol (consult your manual for exact instructions). Be sure to rinse and dry everything before you use it again. It’s also a good idea to rinse your tank between flavors to ensure that no lingering taste from the previous flavor doesn’t taint your new one.

Keeping Your Vape Charged

Leaving batteries on charge for extended periods will degrade them and reduce the amount of time between charges. It can also, in rare circumstances, cause a fire hazard. This is because the battery will heat up on both ends if it is used at the same time as charging, this can over stress the cells and lead to them catching fire.

Similarly, leaving your vape battery in a cold place will make it degrade faster. It is also important not to store a vape battery near a roaring fire or radiator as this can damage the internal components of the battery and the coil too.

You should never use your vape when it is charging and you should always charge on a flat, dry, non-flammable surface. You should only remove the charger once the battery is fully charged and you can’t see any signs of it draining. Finally, it’s important to recycle your batteries when you are done with them. You can drop them off at most recycling centres or some councils now collect them on the kerbside too.

Keeping Your Vape Fresh

Vaping is fun and rewarding, but it’s not cost-effective if you’re regularly throwing away liquids because they’ve gone bad. This can happen due to oxidation and light, especially UV light. It’s best to store your liquids in a cool dark place, out of the way of windows and other sources of light.

Keeping your liquids away from children and pets is also important. Even if your bottles have child-proof caps, children are curious and may be able to open them without you knowing. This is not only dangerous for them, but it could lead to a serious health issue like the recent outbreak of “lipoid pneumonia,” which occurs when vaped oils get into the lungs and cause an immune response.

In addition to this, nicotine has been shown to negatively impact the brain during development. This can lead to anxiety and depression, memory problems and trouble with self-control and focus. It can also make people more likely to start smoking regular cigarettes and other tobacco products, as well as experience other addictions.